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Hangzhou DPtech Technologies Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: DPtech)is a listed company (stock code: 300768) that provides R&D, production, and sales in network security and application delivery. Upholding the mission of MAKING NETWORK SIMPLE, INTELLIGENT AND SECURE, DPtech is committed to providing cutting-edge products and solutions through continuous innovation.

DPtech is a national advanced intellectual property enterprise, a national key software enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, a national support unit for information security vulnerability database, and the director unit of the China Network Security Industry Alliance. It is one of the major vendors in the domestic network security market.

With R&D centers based in Beijing and Hangzhou, DPtech has established a professional team specialized in software development and hardware logic development. Relying on core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, DPtech has independently developed a number of highly reliable products and solutions, including APP-X, a high performance hardware platform based on multi-core CPUs, FPGA chips and distributed forwarding technologies; ConPlat, an L2~7 operating system comprehensively integrating network, security and application delivery; and APP-ID, an application identification and threat signature database integrating application signature database, threat signature database, and virus database.

DPtech, built on core technologies of independent intellectual property rights, has launched more than 100 products in a dozen categories. Its products include Deep Service Switching Gateway (DPX), Application Firewall (FW), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Anti-DDoS System (Guard/Probe), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Unified Audit Gateway (UAG), Application Delivery Platform (ADX), switches and routers. In addition, DPtech has further introduced a number of scenario-based solutions for typical application scenarios, including secure network Solution, Self-Secure Branch Offices Solution, Secure IoT Solution, Secure Cloud Data Center Solution featuring “strong power enabled by Cloud security”, and the Internet Egress Solution featuring “Integration, Intelligentization, Easy Management, and Reliable Connection”.

The products and solutions are highly praised by customers. As of the end of 2018, DPtech have served customers from operators, governments, power, energy, finance, transportation, education, medical care, and large enterprises. In the future, DPtech will make continuous efforts in the network security and application delivery industry, improve our products and solutions, and create greater value for our customers.

Hangzhou DPtech Technologies Co., Ltd.


DPtech completed the first stage of IPv6 reconstruction project for State Grid Corporation, bolstering the IPv6 construction in many provinces by providing DPtech’s products and services.


The foundation of the new DPtech building was laid.


On April 12, Hangzhou DPtech Technologies Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300768), becoming the first listed network security enterprise in Zhejiang Province. After 11 years of entrepreneurship, DPtech has embarked on a new journey of development.


DPtech won the bid for centralized procurement of China Mobile security vulnerability scanners from 2019 to 2020.


On May 10, DPtech’s Partnership Conference 2019 themed at “Join hands to safeguard network security” was held in Sanya, Hainan Province. It brought together partners, industry experts, the press, and analysts from all over the country to discuss the development needs of the value market and the new development orientation of the future network security market under the trend of digital transformation.


DPtech became a member of the Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee of the China Electronics Standardization Association, and launched a complete series of information technology application innovation products.


IDC joined hands with DPtech in announcing a white paper on native secure network technology.


DPtech won the bidding for ICBC load balancing equipment of network and network security device project, and thus become the first domestic supplier of ICBC application delivery equipment.


On July 26, 2019, DPtech was awarded “CNNVD 2018 Outstanding Technical Support Unit” at the 2018 Summary Conference of the China National Vulnerability Database of Information Security (CNNVD).


DPtech won the exclusive bids for China Mobile’s centralized procurement of anti-DDoS device from 2019 to 2020 and China Unicom's new project——"Cloud Shield Anti-DDoS Platform” in 2019, which provided a solid proof for DPtech’s leading technology competitiveness and position in anti-DDoS market.


DPtech attended the 17th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (CPSE), and its innovative IoT application security control system DAC products won the Jinding Award at this CPSE.


DPtech provided prioritized security protection services for more than 100 customers during the 70th National Day celebrations, and compeled the network security support service work for the 7th World Military Games.

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