Cybersecurity Risk Management and Control Platform

Cybersecurity Risk Management and Control Platform

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Network Security Risk Management and Control Platform

The Cybersecurity Risk Management and Control Platform from DPtech aims to help users with asset mapping, vulnerability perception and operation management. The platform, built on security big data analysis technology, adopts active detection and visual technology to realize early warning and information notification of network security risks. As a result, the responsibility subjects for network security supervision can be held accountable and a closed loop of network security management can be achieved.

Product Functions Function Descriptions
Cyberspace Asset Mapping The platform provides professional asset discovery and fingerprint acquisition. Probe-based acquisition technology enables comprehensive cyberspace data acquisition. Moreover, an asset ownership database featuring “One device, One file” can be built in accordance with industry organization structure and superior-subordinate relationships.
Asset Access Risk Management Perform full security management and control over non-compliances such as authorized access to and counterfeiting of connected assets commonly found previously.
Baseline Management for Industry Compliance It helps users establish a baseline management mechanism custom-built for various industries, effectively detects and prevents baseline security risks caused by faulty operations or malicious operations of operators, and promotes quick recovery.
Vulnerability Closed-loop Management Aiming at achieving closed-loop management, a number of management procedures have been established, involving all stages of vulnerability discovery, alarming, notification, correction, review, and follow-up review. Corrective actions are taken to enable a closed loop. The entire process is visualized and the results are measurable.
Security security situation Provide information on asset changes in cyberspace in real time, and perform dynamic monitoring on potential risks. On one hand, overall objective assessment of security situation can be made from a macro perspective. On the other hand, detailed information on individual organization or asset can be provided from a micro perspective.
Remote Security Reinforcement With remote reinforcement, the platform can implement patch upgrades, close violating ports, change security policies remotely, fully improving operation and maintenance efficiency for users.
Distributed Deployment Based on big data architecture, the platform supports real-time data acquisition and analysis of more than 500 probes. The analysis capacity is scalable to enable millisecond-level massive data query and correlation analysis.
System Security Data communications between the security Risk Management and Control Platform and the detection probes are carried out by the private security transmission protocol using the national security algorithms. Digital credentials are designed for meeting specific requirement of various industries. Furthermore, administrators can assign different permissions for users. Comprehensively improve the platform's own security capability to prevent the risk of sensitive data leakage.

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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