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Intelligent Security Gateway

A professional security gateway product designed by DPtech for WAN application scenarios, VPN1000 Intelligent Security Gateway supports national encryption algorithms by incorporating multiple security VPN technologies such as IPSec, SSL, L2TP and GRE, and enables unified secure access for branch offices and mobile workers to ensure internal secure access to the Internet. With security policies based on specific user and application, it can be used as security gateway for headquarters and branch offices, providing a variety of security functions including attack protection, user authentication, behavior auditing, bandwidth management and link load balancing. Moreover, it performs centralized management, unified configuration and integration with AC and PoE, making it possible to expand 3G/4G wireless modules. As a result, it is capable of simplifying networking effectively and bringing down the costs of operation and maintenance.

Product Functions Function Descriptions
Data encryption It supports multiple VPN technologies such as IPSec, SSL, L2TP and GRE. Built-in hardware encryption chip is compatible with national encryption algorithms. 
All-round Security Protection Capable of in-depth protection at the application layer, and embedded with a filtering and control engine at the application layer, it provides IPS, Antivirus, traffic management and other functions. With a professional signature library subject to real-time upgrades, it allows threat prevention and protection against intranet virus transmission, botnets, Trojan horse and others.
Unified Authentication In addition to local and centralized authentication, it supports multi-dimensional authentication methods based on Portal, SMS, WeChat and APP. Policies can be binded to user’s account, which will be used for login from both the headquarters and the branch offices to realize network roaming of the policies.
Behavior Auditing It can maintain records on instant messaging, emails and forum posts.
Link Load Balancing Link load balancing improve bandwidth utilization of multi-link resources.
High Reliability Double-active deployments are supported to achieve high reliability in a true sense.
Version Management Remote policy distribution from the headquarters to branches is allowed to ensure maintenance and version update in time.
Simplified Networking It provides high-density interfaces, POE power supply, 3G/4G connection as well as wireless controllers. 
Guaranteed Bandwidth VPN bandwidth is guaranteed to enable bandwidth reservation for VPN user groups.
Internet Behavior Management Thanks to professional application protocol libraries and URL libraries, it can accurately identify more than 5,000 protocols, including mainstream applications and websites. Therefore, it offers Internet behavior management at granular level and guarantees the bandwidth of key services.
High Performance The VPN1000, built upon a high-performance architecture platform independently developed by DPtech, offers higher processing efficiency over traditional VPN equipment. With a large bandwidth and high concurrency, it provides users with stable and efficient business processing capabilities.
User Permission Setup Users are assigned with different management permissions based on customized division and classification.
Abnormal Alarm A comprehensive range of failure alarms are available, including those for abnormalities and policy breaches, in order to discover hidden dangers of branch equipment in time.
Logs and Reports An independent log server is provided, on which regular automatic backups can be performed. With its built-in hundreds of reports, functions such as graphic inquiry, audit, statistics and retrieval of various network behavior logs on the intranet are enabled to facilitate the management in understanding and controlling the network.
Graphic Management A user friendly graphical management interface, which supports Web GUI, SSH and serial console. Centralized management through UMC network management is also made possible.

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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