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Anti-DDoS System

Common types of DDoS attack, one of the most popular attacks by hackers, include traffic DDoS attacks and application DDoS attacks, featuring low costs, easy implementation, difficulty in behavior detection and extensive outreach. The Anti-DDoS System from DPtech is a professional protection tool against DDoS attacks, consisting of the following: Probe3000 for abnormal traffic detection, Guard3000 for abnormal traffic cleaning, and a management platform of abnormal traffic cleaning. By detecting all sorts of DDoS attacks in the network and timely and quickly filtering attack traffic, it provides a maximum of T-class anti-DDoS capabilities. In addition, the DPtech Anti-DDoS System provides users with security visualization services to help them intuitively understand their network security status and eliminate potential risks in a timely manner.

Product Model Function Descriptions
Flexible Deployment Support Bypass and Online Deployments
Routing Protocols Supported routing protocols include RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP and MPLS.
Network Features It supports dynamic and static BGP traffic traction.Supported re-injection methods include policy-go-together, MPLS VPN, GRE VPN and layer-2 transparent transmission mode.
Detection Methods Available detection methods include NetFlow/NetStream/SFlow protocol-based detection (DFI)Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Basic Protection It supports multiple methods for anti-DDoS attacks, including SYN/ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, DNS Query Flood, Http Flood, Https Flood, CC, Connections Flood and other common DDoS attack methods under the IPv4/IPv6 dual stack protocol.
Protection against Malformed Attacks It is capable of preventing malformed packet attacks, especially those against protocol vulnerabilities, such as Land, Smurf, Fraggle, Tear Drop, and Winnuke.
attack traceback Integrating a set of tools for packet traceability, it supports analysis on packets captured before and after attacks as well as cleaned and dropped packets. Based on captured files, it is possible to trace the source IP of attacks and extract packet signatures before sending them to cleaning devices for filtering.
System Monitoring It can monitor device performance, traffic information in interfaces, CPU and memory utilization, as well as online status.
Logs and Reports An independent log server is provided, on which regular automatic backups can be performed. With its built-in hundreds of reports, functions such as graphic inquiry, audit, statistics and retrieval of various network behavior logs on the intranet are enabled to facilitate the management in understanding and controlling the network.
Device Management A user friendly graphical management interface, which supports Web GUI, SSH and serial console. Centralized management through UMC network management is also made possible.
Interactions with Third-party Devices Work with traffic detection devices from DPtech or any third party to receive information on detection devices, and initiate routing traction and re-injection by the traffic cleaning device.

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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