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Intrusion Prevention System

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DPtech IPS2000 Intrusion Prevention System

Designed for application system protection, the DPtech IPS2000 Intrusion Prevention System is a professional security device which provides professional application-layer protection for core assets, including user operating systems, middleware, databases, mail servers, DNS servers, and FTP servers.
The IPS2000 Intrusion Prevention System is characterized by a comprehensive signature library, state-of-the-art dual virus engines, and four specialized detection engines, offering comprehensive protection and reinforcement against vulnerability threats and attacks that keep popping up. In addition, thanks to the attack monitoring platform and the unknown threat monitoring platform integrated in the IPS2000 Intrusion Prevention System, the user's network security status can be displayed in an all-round manner, helping them gain an intuitive understanding of the current network security status and eliminate potential security risks without delay.

Product Functions Function Descriptions
Attack Detection and Defense With comprehensive application detection and defense capabilities at layers 4-7, it effectively prevents attacks such as buffer overflow, worms, Trojan horse, viruses, SQL injections, malicious codes, phishing, brute force and weak password scanning.
It is provided with a built-in attack signature library consisting of nearly 10,000 entries and is in compliance with CVE.
Four Detection Engines The integration of anti-escape detection engine, protocol intelligent derivation engine, protocol semantic analysis engine, and virtual environment detection engine .They ensure accurate detection of attacks and threats.
Professional Antivirus Protection Streaming virus scanning engine and file recovery virus scanning engine are combined to provide users with on-demand flexibility.The streaming virus signatures are constantly expanded through self-learning to achieve more efficient detection and processing.
Sensitive Data is Leak Proof Capable of identification of application and sensitive data, it can effectively protect the user's key data by applying protection policies that take effect at a specified time.
Application-layer Control A signature library consisting of more than 5,000 protocols can be customized to support access behavior control of the user from the perspectives of application type and time.
Deep Packet Detection Technology It supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, MPLS VPN, BGP and other complex network environments, and can identify and detect QinQ, PPPoE, MPLS, GRE and other encapsulated packets.
Full DDOS Attack Defense It supports fingerprinting in TCP, UDP, ICMP and other protocols, and offers protection against SYN Flood and DNS Flood.
Bandwidth Limits Supporting bandwidth limit based on single user and user groups, it can adopt different policies that take effect at different times.
Visualization Management A user friendly graphical management interface, which supports Web GUI, SSH and serial console. Centralized management platform through UMC network management is also made possible. With an attack and unknown threat monitoring platform, it enables across-the-board display of network threats.
Logs and Reports An independent log server is provided, on which regular automatic backups can be performed. With its built-in multi-dimensional reports, functions such as graphic inquiry, audit, statistics and retrieval of various network behavior logs on the intranet are enabled to facilitate the management in understanding and controlling the network.
Multiple Guarantee Mechanism of High Reliability Equipped with a multiple guarantee mechanism of high reliability, it supports key component redundancy and hot-plug, application of Bypass and PFP Power Fail Safeguards, and dual-system hot standby. Truly seamless switching is thus enabled to guarantee highly stable and reliable Network Security operations.
 Deployments Available in routing mode, transparent mode and hybrid mode.

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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