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Application Firewall

As a core security device, the firewall provides a fundamental function of access control. However, it is a difficult task to impose accurate restrictions on user access and identify related applications based on 5-Tuples access control. In addition to partition and access control generally available in traditional firewalls, the DPtech FW1000 next-generation application firewall enables user-specific permission setup. Integrating NAT, intrusion prevention, Antivirus protection, VPN, URL filtering and other features, the DPtech FW1000 next-generation application firewall fully supports IPv6 and helps its users address a variety of challenges of next-generation networks. It enables flexible deployment in complex scenarios such as Internet egress, data centers, and branch office security connections, serving the diverse needs from different users.

Product Functions Function Descriptions
Flexible Deployment Available in routing mode, transparent mode and hybrid mode
User-specific Access Control User-specific access control can be conducted based on time, protocol, service, etc.
Comprehensive Network Features Support IPv4/IPv6, NAT66, NAT64 and NAT46. Support multiple routing protocols including static routing, policy-go-together, RIP v1/2, OSPF and BGP; support MPLS VPN and multicast protocol
Virtualization The original N:M virtualization technology can realize virtualization by integrating N devices into a resource pool, which is then divided into M logical devices as needed to achieve dynamic scheduling of resource pools in a cloud computing environment.
High Performance Maximum performance of a single device can reach 3.84 Tbps, and performance aggregation and multiplication is available through N:M virtualization
Stable and Reliable Hot standby, silent dual system, VRRP multi-master and other modes, key component redundancy and hot-plug, support N + 1 service board redundancy and original application of Bypass technology truly carrier-grade reliability
Rich NAT Capabilities Support NAT modes such as one-to-one and address pool; compatible with multiple protocols such as FTP, H.323, RAS, RTSP, SIP, ICMP, DNS and PPTP-ALG; support multicast NAT
Deep Security Protection Offer professional intrusion prevent, Antivirus protection and URL filtering to perform in-depth application protection; a professional vulnerability library team provides attack signature libraries flexible to upgrade on a real time basis
Fully built-in VPN Support IPSec VPN, L2TP VPN, GRE VPN, and SSL VPN and reduce construction costs of security projects by using fully built-in hardware encryption chips
Device Management An user friendly graphical management interface, which supports Web GUI, SSH and serial console; centralized management through UMC network management; compatible with NTP protocols and can serve as NTP server or Client

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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