“INSIGHT” Cybersecurity Detection  Platform

“INSIGHT” Cybersecurity Detection  Platform

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“INSIGHT”Cybersecurity Detection Platform

"INSIGHT” Cybersecurity Detection platform is an active security management product independently developed by DPtech in compliance with industrial standards. For industry regulatory authorities, it can serve as a supervision and inspection tool that helps quickly investigate assets, pinpoint risk hazards, respond to notifications in a timely manner, and take corrective actions. For industrialized key information infrastructure, it can be used as a management and monitoring platform, which, combined with security events, enables users to organize assets, evaluate the impact of vulnerabilities, and implement disposal measures immediately, thus forming a closed loop of security management.

Product Functions Function Descriptions
Industry-based Asset Identification Capabilities Thanks to the asset identification engine created by DPtech, it is capable of quickly identifying active devices in the current network and displaying detailed asset information based on the fingerprinting and analysis results tailored for each industry.
Industry Vulnerability Detection Users are able to make investigation into desired vulnerabilities and quickly identify potential asset risks by using DPtech’s vulnerability discovery in various industries as well as latest disclosed security vulnerabilities.
In Simulation of Manual Penetration Vulnerability analysis is conducted by a simulated manual method on the platform, requiring no user involvement throughout the process. Validation and determination of vulnerabilities are automatic, enabling generation of a final report containing the Validation results. Based on vulnerabilities discovered that are easily to be exploited, users can take corrective actions to avoid risks.
Outreach Breach Detection Capable of constructing external network packets, and performing boundary security detection on the entire network through active detection technology, it helps ensure the integrity of network boundaries without the need to install any plug-ins.
Industrialized Security Knowledge Base In view of in-deep research on pain points and hidden risks of various industries, DPtech provides users with tools and methods for vulnerability discovery, vulnerability exploitation, and vulnerability reinforcement, enabling industry users to improve their own security operation and maintenance capabilities.
Customized Security Reports The platform provides customized security reports taking into account the attributes of various industries. With an interactive design, it brings enhanced report reading experience to industry users by adopting an interactive design, giving them an intuitive understanding of their security status.
Support Large-scale Target Detection The platform supports detection tasks based on A/B/C segments. In multi-task and multi-thread detection modes, it greatly improves detection efficiency in the scene of a massive assets and reduces the costs of personnel and time.
An Easy-to-use Platform For ordinary users, all operations on the platform can be implemented and finished within 5 steps. Besides, an expert configuration mode is available to help operators get started.

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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