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LSW1000 Series

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DPtech LSW1000 Series Industrial Switches

DPtech LSW1000 Series industrial switches are specially designed to meet the requirements of industrial systems such as substation automation systems, distribution network automation, and intelligent transportation. To address the actual needs of industrial applications, the DPtech industrial switches can realize real-time communication, intrinsic safety and safety explosion-proof. Compared with commercial switches, industrial switches have more stringent requirements for design and selection of components, to ensure they can work properly in harsh environments.

As most traditional industrial switches are developed in open-source operating systems based on industrial automation, it is inevitable that they have a large number of vulnerabilities and defects derived from the open-source systems, such as low reliability, poor compatibility for large and new Ethernet protocols, and failure in meeting increasingly complex industrial networking requirements. Based on in-depth understanding of the needs of various industrial scenarios, DPtech launched the next generation LSW1000 Series industrial switches in compliance with numerous standards and specifications. With a fanless heat dissipation circuit design, the Series provides a wide range of operating temperatures between -40 and 85ºC. Other industrial qualities include vibration resistance, shock resistance, high/low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dust proof, and pulsed magnetic field immunity.

The robust hardware design of LSW1000 Series enables its wide application in substations, distribution network intelligent transformation, factory automation, intelligent transportation, and other harsh application environments.


Product Name LSW1000-8T-IW LSW1000-8T2GP-IW LSW1000-8GT2GP-IW
Dimension 52mm*100mm*135mm 68mm*130mm*150mm
Weight 0.7KG 1KG
Maximum power consumption 5W
Power supply AC: 85V-265V DC:12V-48V Rated current: 0.3A
Switching capacity 64Gbps
Packet forwarding rate 1.2Mpps 4.2Mpps 15Mpps
Port configuration 8 FE electrical interfaces 8 FE electrical interfaces + 2 GE optical interfaces 8 FE/GE electrical interfaces + 2 GE optical interfaces
Operating environment Operating Temperature: -40~85℃ Operating Humidity: 0~95%RH (non-condensing) Mean Time between Failure (MTBF): above 35 years
L2 Features MAC table with 8K entries
Reliability Power supply redundancy
Industry specifications BG/T 17626 (electromagnetic compatibility) Q/GDW 429-2010 (Technical Specification for Intelligent Substation Network Switch) GB/T 21563-2008 (On-board Installation) IEC61850-3 EN 61000-3-2/EN 61000-3-3 FCC Part 15,EN55022/CISPR22,Class A

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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