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LSW5662 Series

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LSW5662 Series

Traditional intranet is a shared network, with no access control on terminals or mutual access among terminals. This vulnerability can be easily exploited by hackers to spread viruses and attacks. In case of intranet security incidents, it is impossible to locate and control the source of attack in the first place and extremely difficult to trace back. DPtech LSW5662-SE Series Self-Secure switches provide the network with security protection and exception disposal capabilities by taking advantage of intelligent computing technology. The built-in behavior model and baseline detection provides the Self-Secure switches with immunity to virus transmission, network attacks, and hacker penetration. With automatic policy deployment, self inspection and recovery of ring networks, and baseline detection, it can further extend its security protection to intranet, realizing threat suppression of key nodes of network, operation and maintenance of the entire network, and simplified network management.

Product Name LSW5662-28GT4XGS LSW5662-48GT4XGS LSW5662-24GP4XGS LSW5662-48GP4XGS
Service interface 20 Gigabit electrical interfaces + 8 Gigabit Combo + 4 10-Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP+) 48 Gigabit electrical interfaces + 4 10-Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP+) 16 Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP) + 8 Gigabit Combo + 4 10-Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP+) 48 Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP) + 4 10-Gigabit optical interfaces (SFP+)
Management interfaces 1 RJ-45 port, 1 RJ-45 Console port, 1 USB port, 1 Mini USB Console port 1 RJ-45 Console port
Switching capacity 598Gbps/5.98Tbps 598Gbps/5.98Tbps 598Gbps/5.98Tbps 598Gbps/5.98Tbps
Packet forwarding rate 342Mpps/450Mpps 372Mpps/485Mpps 342Mpps/450Mpps 372Mpps/485Mpps
Expansion Slots 1 pieces
Interface Module 2-port 40G optical interface module (QSFP), 1-port 40G optical interface module (QSFP), 8-port 10-Gigabit optical interface module (SFP+), 8-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface module, 4-port 10-Gigabit optical interface module (SFP+), 2-port 10-Gigabit optical interface module (SFP+), 8-port Gigabit optical interface module (SFP), 8-port Gigabit electrical interface module, 4-port Gigabit optical interface module (SFP) + 4-port Gigabit electrical interface module
Dimension (width * depth * height: mm) 440×400×44 440×400×44 440×400×44 440×400×44
Power supply hot-plug, modular dual power supply Support AC/DC hot-plug, modular dual power supply
Support AC/DC
hot-plug, modular dual power supply
Support AC/DC
hot-plug, modular dual power supply
Support AC/DC
Power Consumption 70W 61W 90W 108W
Operating environment 0℃~70℃, interface lightning protection
VXLAN Support VXLAN layer 2 switching Support VXLAN routing Support VXLAN gateway Support VxLAN centralized console of OpenFlow+Netconf
MAC Support 96K MAC entries Support static MAC, dynamic MAC, black hole MAC and source MAC address filtering
  VLAN Support 4K VLAN Support VLAN based on MAC/ IP subnet/authentication policy/interface VLAN Support Voice VLAN Support QinQ
Port features Support port aggregation, port mirroring, port isolation, port traffic identification, RSPAN
Spanning tree Support STP, RSTP, MSTP
DHCP upport DHCP Client, DHCP Relay, DHCP Snooping
Virtualization Support VSM virtualization
IP routing Support static routing Support RIPv1/v2, OSPF, BGP, VRRP Support RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4+ for IPv6, and VRRPv3 Support policy-go-together
Multicast Support IGMP Snooping and IGMP Proxy Support GMRP Support PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, PIM-DM
ACL Support ACL rules based on VLAN, MAC address, IP address, TCP/UDP port number
QoS Support 8 priority queues per port Support traffic classification based on 802.1p/DSCP/TOS Support speed limit on ports and streams Support SP, WRR, SP + WRR queue scheduling
Security features Support local and centralized authentication based on MAC address Support local and centralized authentication based on 802.1x Support local and centralized authentication based on Portal Support dynamic ARP detection, one-click ARP binding, authorized ARP, ARP source suppression, ARP source address inspection Support port isolation, port security Support broadcast storm suppression Support SSH2.0
Management and Maintenance Support MON Support NTP Support real-time temperature detection and alarm Support SNMP, CLI, Web management, and Unified Management Center (UMC) Support local and remote output of system logs, operation logs, debugging information

These specifications apply only to DPtech products available on the international market.

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