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Highest Share! DPtech Won the Bid for “China Mobile’s Centralized Purchase for Load Balance Products in 2017”


Recently, in the project of “China Mobile’s Centralized Purchase for Load Balance Products in 2017-2018”, Hangzhou DPtech Technologies Co., Ltd. (“DPtech”) ranked first in overall share and won the bid. Among others, DPtech ranked first in 80G equipment in the second bidding section with a share of 50%, and ranked second in 30G equipment in the third bidding section with a share of 30%. At this point, DPtech has been shortlisted in China Mobile’s purchase of load balance products for two consecutive years, ranking first in overall share. This is the first time that a Chinese load balance manufacturer has made such outstanding achievements.

As load balance products are the closest to business systems, and the functions, performance and stability of a load balance product are directly relating to the availability of a business system. As a world’s leading communications operator, China Mobile has attached great importance to the stability of its business system, and thus raised extremely harsh requirements for load balance products.

In this project, China Mobile conducted a strict test under a high standard on all candidate load balance products, including testing on dozens of key functions and validation testing in dozens of application scenarios. All parts of the test were not disclosed to any manufacturer before bidding, for the purpose of checking the functions and stability of products of each manufacturer.

Notwithstanding the high standard and strict requirements raised by China Mobile, DPtech passed the test conducted by China Mobile in terms of the comprehensiveness of functions, virtualization features, high reliability, high performance, energy saving and environmental protection and all the other aspects with its high-performance FPGA chip, L2-7 fusion operation system, virtualization technology and other basic technologies as well as the demand for L4-7 business load balance. It has thus ended the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in China Mobile’s high-end load balance area!

In the future, DPtech will also focus on technological innovation, explore business demands of clients in depth, help clients create a more rapid, intelligent and liable application access environment, ensure the perfect delivery of applications for users, and grow along with users’ businesses.